24FxTrader EA Expert Advisor

Specially designed for Meta Trader 4 trading platform. Our EA places take profit and stop loss orders with no human intervention.

How can I use EA Expert Advisor?

To use the EA Expert Advisor, a trader needs to download and install it on your device. Upon installing EA, the trader must set instructions and parameters on how it should help in executing the trading functions. The EA Expert Advisor works by these instructions and generates inputs on entry and exit points for a trade.
Traders can create customized technical indicators and incorporate them into EA Expert Advisor. An Expert Advisor makes use of the existing indicators on the Metatrader terminals and the special technical indicators created by the trader to install analytical functions and generate trading strategies.
Forex EA Allows Traders to Trade 24*7
You can schedule your trades and the forex EA will conduct the trades even if you are not around. As the software can operate on its own, this EA can help you trade 24*7 without any hassle. This allows you to take full advantage of the entry and exit points available throughout different time periods.
Trading Bots can take Advantage of Opportunities
To check how a trading robot can discover and exploit an opportunity, the computer’s speed must be high. This is not comparable to a human trader who must enter an order. This means that achieving what a trading robot can in a single trading session needs a lot of brilliant minds.
Forex EA’s Think Faster and are More Effective
A computer’s algorithms will always be able to think faster and more than a human brain. Forex EAs can scan the markets, identify opportunities, and execute trades within a short span of time. A trader who does this by hand will take far longer, missing opportunities or wasting time making decisions or writing orders. Even if a trader is competent, experienced, and quick, a software program will always be able to do more in less time.
Have the Ability to Multitask
Trading robots can keep track of many currency pairs at the same time. Trading robots have now made it possible to hold and manage many trading accounts at any time. Traders can now overcome trading problems such as speed, time constraints, diligence, and consistency in trading plans thanks to automated trading.

24FxTrader EA Expert Advisor It’s simple like 1-2-3

Combined with our 24fxsignals it uses multiple target levels such as TP1, TP2, and TP3 to generate higher profit. Here comes the issue when the trader have to be in front of the computer and change the Stop Loss levels.

Our automatic system support and manage your trade and secure your profit by moving the stop loss to the right place at the exact moment.

Our 24FxTrader EA opens 3 positions from 1 trade (each position targets different TP levels). So, you need to split your lot size to 3 parts. We recommend you to use half of Lot size of TP1 for TP2 and TP3 Lots. If you use 0.02 for TP1, use 0.01 for both TP2 and TP3.

EA moves the Stop Loss as follows, (EA never forget to move SL to secure your profit)

– If first trade (lot 0.02) hit the TP1 then EA moves the SL to above +5 PIPS from the entry point.

‍– If second trade (lot 0.01) hit the TP2 then EA moves the SL to above +5 PIPS from the TP1.
‍– Ultimately, the 3rd target is TP3. EA does everything for you.

Understanding The 24FxTrader
1. Buy/Sell button (Instant Buy or Sell by the market – no confirmation asks)

2. Stop Loss

– Set Stop Loss from the signal given to you by 24fxsignals.com

‍3. Lot Sizes

– Here you can enter up to 3 lot sizes for 3 separate positions each which means all of the positions have its separate TP levels

‍4. Take Profit Levels

– Here you can input up to 3 TP levels